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  • I met Kai from Klein Nektar Wine & Olive Estate over a year ago in the search for Organic Olive Oil. It is no secret that I support artisan producers and ethical growers where I can. Kai and her husband practice organic and Integrated Pest Management (IPM) farming and therefore do not use any hard chemicals which are harmful to beneficial insects, animals & people and the environment. All the products share our principals ZERO ADDITIVES HANDMADE SMALL BATCH
  • Meet Ntombi! Her Chakalaka is amazing and better yet it's made with only natural ingredients with no sugar added. She has been our kitchen fairy and veg & herb prep maestro for nearly two years. Ntombi approach me to help her to visit her daughter, who she seen last in December 2017,  in Jhb early December to attend a Grade 7 Farewell Dance and Weekend away camping trip. She needed some money for this as it involves a nice dress for her daughter, money for the farewell dance and then the weekend away. We came up with this plan. All profits of Ntombi's Chakalaka will go directly to helping her with her trip. VEGAN Chakalaka is a pepper relish, slightly spicy and goes well with eggs, grilled meat (and halloumi!) and I love mine with a baked sweet potato. The heat in this might vary. 250g jar
  • At last an everyday olive oil without any chemicals, hand harvested & cold pressed. 500ml 2018 Harvest
  • Organically grown olives without any chemicals. I have been searching for chemically free olives for a while but also great tasting with texture. I have found some organic olives but they seem to be a but mushy, so happy to find these. SMALL BATCH LOCAL PRODUCE ZERO UNNATURAL INGREDIENTS ADDED
  • A versatile gluten free spaghetti, served here with one of my favourite pasta toppings, our Florence Broccoli Rice. VEGAN Cooking Instructions:  There are 3 golden rules when cooking with GF pasta  (1) lots of salted water (more than normal pasta) and (2) the water needs to be boiling fiercely (3) stir often. Gluten Free Pasta cooks quicker than normal pasta and pasta should be done in 10min.
  • Usually full of colourants, flavourings, sugars and other preservatives, swop your stock cube or worse ‘fresh bottle’ stock for our all-natural, umami-rich, jam packed vegetable stock paste. Full of organic veggies,(12 to be exact!) fresh herbs (4 to be precise) and with the addition of fresh Italian parmesan elevates this paste to something else. A little goes a long way, this flavourful, long-lasting, delicious and nutritious seasoning will last in the fridge for up to 3 months. Add to anything that could do with a nutritious boost of savoury and salty flavour. Serving suggestion: 1 to 2 teaspoon paste to 250ml hot water. Ingredient: seasonal veggies, garlic, fresh herbs, Italian parmesan and salt (that’s it!) Jar (lasts 3 months)
  • It's fair to say we love our granola! I normally have a few jars of different granola on the go. This is a Adre's Kitchen classic and our bestseller. The notes of toasted coconut, coconut oil, nuts and dates make it tastes like sunshine on a plate! High in protein, loaded with fibre and calcium ready to start your day. Wonderful topping to fruit and yogurt – 250g R80 (serving suggestion is 40g per serving) V, GF

DF = Dairy Free | GF =  Gluten Free | SF = Sugar Free | V =  Vegetarian | VV = Vegan | FR = Free Range | FF = Freezer Friendly


Delivery R75 Free delivery to Cape Town CBD and City Bowl (Gardens, Vredehoek, Oranjezicht and Higgovale) for orders over R350 | Free delivery to all other Cape Town areas including Claremont, Rondebosch and Hout Bay for orders over R800.