Having a go at farm life (and I think I like it)

img_3106-1We are staying on a diary farm in Oedelem called De Bervallei where we are being treated to the sound of cows and fresh milk everyday! We start our mornings with a bike ride through the glorious countryside surrounded by apple and pear orchards and you guessed it more cows. The forest are not filled with leaf’s yet but the puffballs are out. I wish I had the guts, like the Italians, to cook them, but my foraging skills are not to be trusted!



FullSizeRender-1.jpgOh boy I might of crossed borders a little with the next dish. In the haste of planning our trip in-between packers, kids and a massive A-Z list of things to do, I kind of promised the girls Doughnuts, or ‘Oliebolle’ to be more precise. In my defence at that stage we were still intending to have a brief stopover in Amsterdam. They were not going to make me forget this one! So to add to our unhealthy and extravagant breakfasts, this morning we had ‘Oliebolle’ in Belgium. Why not, it’s our holiday, we can make the rules.

I love Brugge, we have been here once before on a trip which was remembered by a sore tooth (not mine) and a hotel which could only be accessed by walking through a pub. Still, I loved it. We had a short boat trip (Lamme Goedzak)  from Damme to Brugge and we hit the streets looking for Mussels, Beer and Waffles and the kids got lucky with some chocolate as well.

Some suggestions for Brugge

For a good, typically hearty Belgian meal try De Vlaamsche Pot, Helmstraat (devlaamschepot.be).

Nice upmarket Flemish Bistro is Bistro Raymond (brasserie-raymond.be)

The chocolate shops in Katelijnestraat are more reasonably priced than the ones in the town centre. Chocolate the best (quality and value) is the picturesque Dumon (chocolatierdumon.be) on Eirmarkt, near the main Markt Square.

Waffels – Lizzie’s Waffles Sint-Jakobsstraat 16, Bruges 8000, Belgium (lizzieswafelsbrugge.be)

For the Coffee lovers go to – I Love Coffee (ilovecoffee.be) they specialise in roasting their own beans but ‘the husband’ thinks the coffee is too hot for a flat white to be served.

Be warned though, the opening times of the shops in Belgium reads like a parking restriction notice, with many shops closed on strange days and times.





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