Fair well Flanders – we loved every minute

We decided to choose the hottest day to go cycling for 30km plus. I needed a bribe, and a big one! I am partly to blame for the sugar monsters I have created over breakfast with the elaborate spread of pancakes,and plaatkoekies’ (need to find the english word for this but I guess an american flapjack comes close). Something tells me that the pickled herring in Scandinavia will not be met with the same enthusiasm.

Back to this morning. I was up early and decided to make the most of the perfect pears I got my hands on from a tiny deli near us. It was quite a strange shopping experience actually, I was only allowed to point at what I would like. I did have a quick feel at a pear to which the lady said (back turned to me) ‘I saw thaaat’ – I bought the pear in the end.

Pear Sponge

Ingredients (see note)

200g self-raising flour
200g butter (softened)
200g castor sugar
1tspn baking powder
2 eggs
2 small pears or apples or one each (I opted for just pears)


(1) Switch oven on 180c and baking rack in the middle
(2) Grease a cake tin well (see note) and line with baking parchment
(3) Peel and core two small pears and cut in half and finely slice
(4) Add the pears to the baking tin at the bottom keeping in mind that the presentation      side as the cake will be served upside down (hope that makes sense) – see note
(5) Cream the butter and sugar together till mousse like, pale in colour and fluffy
(6) Add the eggs, little by little at a time, to make sure the mixture does not curdle
(7) Add the flour and baking powder – mix well
(8) Add mixture to the prepared cake tin and place in the pre-heated oven
(9) Check after 25minutes (not before) baring in mind that centre of the cake will be the last to cook
(10) Insert a cake tester to check – remove carefully from the cake tin
(11) Let the cake cool completely on a wire rack
(12) Sprinkle with icing sugar

Kitchen Note

+ this is not necessarily a cake to impress the crowds, it is however delicious and moist and fool-proof.  Very handy if you are travelling with limited supplies and kitchen equipment

++ I have invested in a silicon cake mould and it is proving to make life alot easier. You don’t have the ‘faff’ of lining a cake tin with greaseproof



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