Missed Opportunities – Sorry JAN

It was the classic case of right restaurant but wrong town. Ever happened to you? In our case it happens quite often. Quick examples, we turned up on Broadway, tickets in hand,  to see the theatre goddess Vanessa Redgrave in a Long Days Journey into Night – a day late or the time we arrived for our flight to Cape Town – a day early. So it should come as no surprise that I booked the restaurant and the husband the Airbnb only to realise that we are staying in the wrong town. Cannes, Nice same thing the husband shrugs his shoulders. According to google maps not the same place! Water for dinner!img_7143

The Restaurant was going to be JAN – how fantastically talented is this man! Food, foodie tours, a book, michelin star (in France, nogal) and proudly South African – love it. Needless to say when google maps shouted out 46minutes drive my heart sank as we just drove 5 hours from Italy. I knew I could not drag the family through another 2 hours in the car (our car personalities are clashing a bit after nearly 3 months on the road). Sheepishly I had to make the phone call to apologise for the late cancellation only to get the answering machine. I left a long long apologetic message only to have Jan Hendrik himself email me back with ‘floury fingers’ while preparing for the nights service. Talented and nice. Oh my, the torture, next time Jan, next time. I decided to drown my sorrows with some bubbles at the Carlton Hotel in Cannes.

Okay I will stop moaning – we are in Cannes (not Nice) and the sun is out! It’s absolutely gorgeous and was it not for a lunch date in Valbonne – we could of had a sneaky dip in the water. We are staying in the trendy area of Le Suquet and had a memorable Crab Ravioli at Mantel and more wine – I am feeling better.

img_7241We headed for Carcassonne where we once again marvelled at the castle and munched our way on cassoulet au confit de canard – casserole of confit duck and beans.

We are on our way to Bordeaux and I have to confess we are a bit tired. We decided that we are going to take it a bit slow. If you know us we can’t take anything slow – the husband blames the war, I blame the NG Church – but we are incapable of being ‘rustig’ (taking it slow). You might of noticed that my site is looking a bit different these days, the holiday ‘that never ends’ (yes friends we hear your moans : ) – is indeed drawing to it’s end and it is time to focus on work!

Never a better time to make a quick quiche when all the creative juices are flowing. A block of aged gruyere came in handy as it iIMG_7240.JPGs pouring down with rain. The city of Bordeaux is pretty, it would be even prettier if shops were actually open, I mean come on it’s Monday? Are we missing something? Anyway we had a lovely lunch in a postcard pretty bistro, Le Bistrot de Quinconces the Saute de Pac Facon Gnand-Mere was rather delicious and from what I could figure out was Pork Stew.

Off to Saint-Emilion tomorrow and then a visit to legendary Chateau Mouton Rothschild. IMG_7236.JPG

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