What’s for dinner?

Wow, it’s been a busy few weeks! It’ all happening here in sunny Cape Town, house renovations, deliveries (house), deliveries (food), my weekly food deliveries to equally busy people, prepping for an event on Tuesday, venue hunting, kids Afrikaans tests (oh boy), long hours in the kitchen, looking for a new fridge, finding space for new kitchen etc etc. Phew…

I have found a wonderful butcher, he is heaven sent. After a massive mince disaster, I mean come on, who gets mince wrong, let me tell you there are more to mince then meets the eye. South Africa is BIG on ‘banting’ or High Fat No Carbs to some, Hemsley and Hemsley to others. For some strange reason the fat-is-your-friend did not include mince. Most of the mince are either lean or extra lean, which after you try to brown them to get some flavour, they turn into sad lumps of grey something. I was telling my  sad mince story to a very kind (and confused) olive oil producer at the Oranjezicht City Farm Market (OZCF) when he very quickly pointed me to Son of a Butcher just a few stands away.

The rest is mince history! His wonderful selection has inspired me to make some terrines and paté’s which he sells at the market on Saturdays. How exciting is that! If you have not been to the OZCF Market on a Saturday – it’s wonderful. Lots of fresh produce, artisan producers and lots of inspiration. 

So because of this wonderful collaberation, my kitchen was a hype of activity this week, desperately trying to get the jars of delights delivered on time. It is in this chaos of sterilising, filling, printing and labeling that I hear the husband asking ‘oh and what’s for supper’?

On the menu this week was a classic Pea and Mint Soup. It’s Sunday night – recipe to follow! 

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