On the menu this week

I am trying to take advantage of the wonderful tomatoes supplied by Harvest of Hope and will be incorporating them into two soups this week. I make a lovely Tomato and Red Lentil Soup with some gentle spice in the form of fresh ginger, cayenne and cumin. My tomato based Minestrone is celebration of all things summer and I will add some soaked overnight cannelini and black beans.

A pumpkin made it’s way into my delivery! A pumpkin in the midst of summer? I will have to add this confused crop into a Pumpkin Soup! This velvety soup contains surprisingly no cream and hardly any salt.

Also on the menu:

The lovely baby beetroots I will toss into a Baby Beetroot Quinoa Bowl with mint, some Greens and feta topped with Roasted Mixed Seeds and a Middle Eastern Dressing of Sumac and Pomegranate Molasses.

Please email me to order

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  1. Andrew A. Stuart says:

    If you’ve got great summer tomatoes right now, why not try some Gazpacho? We keep a pitcher in the fridge as a great refreshing snack!



  2. You are right! Vodka or no Vodka : )


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