Cooking Demonstration


Join me and my small team in our Food Studio in Salt River while we show you how to cook our favourite and most popular soups, meals and deli items.

This interactive and informal demonstration will be full of top tips to make preparing meals quick & simple, perfect for busy lives.

Thursday 11 April Time: 6-8:15pm (evening)

Friday 12 April Time 11-1:30pm (morning/afternoon)

Includes: Full Recipe List & Lots of gorgeous food to taste.

You can expect vibrant, wholesome and full of flavour food.

I have been cooking as long as I can remember and have had many kitchen success and many flops. Although trained as a chef (in my later life) I would prefer to call myself a cook and that is exactly my aim of each cooking demonstration is to encourage anyone to start COOKING! Making food from scratch is better for you, so much cheaper and a lot easier than you think, I promise.

Although veggie based, I don’t want to define myself by what I don’t eat but rather what I do which tends to lean towards made from scratch – good for you – WHOLE FOODS. The wonderful world of veggies is not exclusive to a plant based or ‘healthy’ diet, I will show you how versatile the world of vegetables can be, whether as a main or a side to a protein. An example will be the very versatile cauliflower, I will show you how you can transform the humble cauliflower into a vibrant soup, amazing salad, whole roasted as a main meal or made into a hummus to add as a snack.

I will cover some handy tips that I use everyday in my home kitchen to make my life easier and also the benefits of a well stock freezer and cupboard. I would love these cooking demos to be a wonderful platform whereby we can share tips, stories and recipes in a very relaxed environment free from any diets or judgements.

I am very passionate about what the magic of good food and therefore decided that I will keep the fee as low as possible as this is not about making money but encouraging people to start cooking!

By the end of the evening you will have the recipes, have had a taste and the confidence to cook these dishes.


  • Bookings need to be made and paid in full to secure your booking
  • You can book as many tickets as you like
  • We aim to finish by 8:15pm
  • I will keep the demonstration as interactive as possible but there will be no chopping required!
  • Price includes a glass of bubbles & full recipes

Please email me if you have any questions at