Save time. Save money. Eat better

We all feel desperate from time to time when the family is hungry, you are tired and you look at full fridge thinking there is nothing to eat. My kitchen cleanse session will help you re-set your feeling about food, your kitchen and cooking.

Dedicated to helping you simplify the process of getting food on the table.

During the kitchen cleanse we will address all your fears, questions and challenges you and your family face when it comes to preparing, good, wholesome, healthy and tasty meals. It all starts with understanding your lifestyle and aligning your kitchen, and what’s in it, to it.

No-one can work or cook, in a space that does not allow for it. Your kitchen can be your happy place.

During the one-on-one session we will look at:

  • Analysing your lifestyle to determine your kitchen challenges
  • Kitchen and grocery planning for individuals and family
  • Shopping lists for convenient weekly and monthly shopping
  • Pantry basics that will bulk up your fresh food or help you out of a crisis
  • Must have utensils that will make your life easier
  • Easy and basic food prep

I will help you take the first steps to get you to hassle free cooking, teaching and supporting you every step of the way. 

How does it work?

  • You book a time
  • I send you some homework – a feedback form with a few basic questions
  • I come to your house for a 3 hours working session in your kitchen
  • Together we edit and audit your kitchen from tools to food
  • I share my insights, knowledge, tips and shortcuts to help you make sense of your space
  • I send you a report including a basic shopping list (with the option for me to buy it for you)
  • I support you for 3 months answering any cleanse related question

What’s more…

  • Personalised shopping and fresh food deliveries
  • Weekly recipe ideas
  • Personalised cooking classes and workshops
Kitchen Cleanse
Kitchen Cleanse