Our food philosophy

It turns out eating more plants is a conscience + delicious way to improve your health & the wellbeing of our beautiful planet, so it’s our mission to make it easy and exciting for everyone who would like to incorporate more veggies into their daily lives.

We believe that organic produce is better for us and better for the planet, we support local certified organic producers as well as non certified organically produced produce.


  • A glorious blend of roasted beetroot & onions blended with coconut milk and a hint of garam masala. This soup will honestly knock your socks off! As with any colourful veg, beetroots are good for us, the powerful phytonutrients (which gives their gorgeous colour) may help to ward of infections and support the body with detoxification of toxins. VV & GF
  • Organic Veggies OZCF
    A celebration of seasonal organic produce! Such a lovely full-to-the-brim bowlful! We pack as many organic veggies into our tomato based Minestrone, which we think is such a good way to get your daily required veggies in! Perfect to heat up for lunch and made to be served with a thick slice of farm style bread! 500ml/SERVES 2
  • Organic slow roasted sweet potato gorgeousness makes for a super healthy cold weather warming soup with just the right balance of sweetness and punchy ginger – sunshine in a bowl VEGAN & GLUTEN FREE
  • Move over Kale, there is a new superfood in town! Enter the beautiful cauliflower with just one serving makes up 73 per cent of our daily recommended Vitamin C intake! Creamy organic cauliflower poached in homemade almond milk ensures a match made in heaven! We add some roasted cauliflower florets to the soup and finish it off with a sprinkle of dill. An elegant, hearty and filling soup. Adre's Kitchen Classic 500ml/SERVES 2  
  • A hearty and warming rendition of a North African classic, the Harira (hareera). I should confess by saying that I cannot claim my Harira is traditional in anyway but we think it's rather perfect. Full to the brim with the additions of chickpeas, lentils and organic veggies which all come together in harmony with our very own harira spice mix. A comforting bowl of yumminess. (no chilli). Adre's Kitchen Bestseller 500ml/SERVES 2
  • Our soup is so much more interesting than your average red lentil and tomato soup with the with the nourishing additions of turmeric and ginger and gorgeously green kale. This is the perfect soup to throw in some more greens (if you are so inclined) or if you like a few hot chillis (I am so inclined). I always keep a batch in the freezer. 500ml/SERVES 2


  • It's no secret that I love Indian food and I am always looking for excuses to add some spice daily. Lentils are fantastic for us and it's recommended that we should eat legumes daily as their health benefits to our bodies are nothing short of amazing. Well there will be no arguments here! I love my daily dal on top of anything roasted or a bowl full of sauteed greens. *Dr. Michael Gregers book on 'how not to die' (yip, a good read though) 400ml/SERVES 1 very generously (easily shared)
  • Umami! Our seriously delicious vegan bolognese is rather special, over 2.5kg of mushrooms goes into each small batch and the addition of umami rich organic miso ensures a bolognese that is full of flavour and super healthy too, and to top it all we add our own organic porcini salt. Hee Haa Serving suggestions: Stir through pasta, roast with aubergine, fill a courgette, top with a baked potato, fill a vegan lasagne. 500g/SERVES 2  
  • Our Four Bean Chilli has been on the menu from the start and it's been one of the most popular dishes. We are really proud of our chilli, like all our food, is handmade from scratch and prepared with the same care as you would use in your own home. We love serving it with a spoonful of guacamole, a squeeze of lime, some fresh coriander and brown rice for a delicious meal for two.
    500g/SERVES 2

Detox Packages

Freezer Boxes

DF = Dairy Free | GF =  Gluten Free | SF = Sugar Free | V =  Vegetarian | VV = Vegan | FR = Free Range | FF = Freezer Friendly

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