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Our bespoke meals are perfect for those who are short on time but still want to have a healthy, delicious food made with quality ingredients and zero additives. We just can’t do ordinary, we strive to create vibrant, wholesome and freshly prepared food like nothing you have experienced. All our food and images are our own creations, we take inspiration from past travels, inspiring chefs, a well stock cookbook library and fellow foodies. Weekly Vegetarian, Vegan and Gluten-Free options.

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  • Improved! Our two day broth is hands down the best broth in Cape Town! Oxtail is the magic ingredient! Wonderful ratio of bone to meat to give you a collagen & mineral rich broth. We've simmered grass-fed beef bones and oxtail for a very very long time to release the gelatine and nutrients held within them. Bone broths provide the protein and essential minerals we need for a nourished body. A super healthy broth to keep you feeling amazing. Please note: Our broth is so amazing if may sometimes appear to be like a jelly when delivered - rest assure it will quickly melt (on a low heat please) into a gorgeous broth. Gluten-free
  • Clean and fresh this soup will provide that instant feeling of nourishment while the gentle infusion of sweet spices will wake up all senses. The Process: We first make a mushroom stock which will be our base for our broth. With over 600g of fresh mushrooms and a handful of dried porcini mushrooms - this broth ensure it packs full of umami.   Vegan, GF
  • What's so good about our chicken bone broth?  Our broths are a labour of love, it takes two days to make, and the magic ingredient is our free range chicken wings which have a wonderful ratio of bone to meat. We infuse the hot stock with fresh veggies and herbs. Chicken broth has been used for centuries to comfort and revive. This fabulously nourishing broth is rich in minerals, gelatine and protein, with antioxidants and vitamins from truly free range chickens. Out of Stock? You can order our broths from Doorbell Deli here GF DF High in Protein



  • A wholesome and hearty vegetable soup with lots of vegetables, greens and Italian cannelini beans. Normally full of sugars and salt, our minestrone is made from scratch using as many seasonal veggies as we can get our hands on. All our soups are made with our own vegan stock paste, ensuring a rich veggie tasting soup. Gluten-Free
  • The funny thing is I have my own harira spice mix and Nsona has hers, so Gina tired of not knowing which spice mix to use, decided to now use half & half! We think it's rather perfect! Again such an easy soup to 'jazz' up with some more greens or leftover roasted veggies.  A hearty and warming vegan rendition of Moroccan harira full to the brim with chickpeas, lentils, vegetables and warming spices. A comforting bowl of yumminess. (no chilli). VEGAN, GF, SF
  • A weekly staple, the perfect soup to throw in some more greens or if you like chilli (like me) a few chilli's as well. I might just add a squeeze of lemon too . A gentle spiced filling soup will bring comfort and revival. I always keep a batch in the freezer. VV, GF, FF, Detox Friendly



  • Our Moroccan Lamb Soup or rather Harira, pronounced ‘Hareera’ is Morocco’s famous lamb, tomato and lentil soup. It is fragrantly seasoned with ginger, pepper, turmeric, and cinnamon, and also boasts a robust quantity of fresh herbs such as coriander and parsley. GF, SF, DF,




  • Perfect for a one portion meal or for little ones. 250g Vegan & Gluten Free
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    Fresh tasting ZERO SUGAR fantastic all rounder. After skinning our fresh tomatoes, we slow cook our tomatoes for a long time, till we are left with a sweet tasting all rounder sauce. This is such a versatile sauce which is a handy base for PIZZAS, stirred through PASTA, as relish with a BURGER (add some chopped chilli's) or to layer a VEGGIE LASAGNE. 350/400g VEGAN, Freezer Friendly
  • Our Vegan Bolognese is rather special, over 2.5kg of mushrooms goes into each small batch of bolognese,  the addition of umami rich organic miso ensures a bolognese that is full of flavour and super healthy too. A meat free Monday staple! Comforting and delicious this bolognese will be a new favourite for vegans and non-vegans alike. Serving suggestions: Stir through pasta, roast with aubergine, fill a courgette, top with a baked potato, fill a vegan lasagne. 500g VEGAN, Gluten-free, Freezer Friendly and Detox Friendly
  • A rich, hearty and comforting veggie pie with lentils and chickpeas, topped with fluffy sweet potato. Baked in a small foil Serves 1/2 VEGAN GF



  • A classic cottage pie to be enjoyed by the whole family and makes the best midweek meal. Having lived in the London for over 15years I think I finally have the recipe down to a T. Please let us know if you prefer a Sweet Potato Topping Serving suggestions: serve with a green salad and some peas. Served in a medium foil Serves 2
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    Even if we have to say so ourselves - our REAL BEEF LASAGNE is very very good - only using natural ingredients, made with our slow cooked REAL BOLOGNESE sauce layered with egg pasta, creamy homemade béchamel sauce, and topped with mozzarella cheese. Baked in the oven ready for you to enjoy. Seriously good handmade food! GLUTEN FREE Serves 2 in a medium size foil. Approx 600/700g Freezer friendly, Family Friendly - Seriously Good      
  • Only the best ingredients go into our seriously good handmade bolognese. Each process of our small batch bolognese is made by hand ensuring a superior bolognese. We believe that food made in a kitchen rather than a factory and with hands rather than machines taste better! No GM Ingredients, only pasture raised meat, only fresh local produce and herbs. Gluten Free, Freezer Friendly, Family Friendly
  • Perfect portion for one or for little ones. 250g Gluten-Free


DF = Dairy Free | GF =  Gluten Free | SF = Sugar Free | V =  Vegetarian | VV = Vegan | FR = Free Range | FF = Freezer Friendly


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