1:1 cooking session in your home

We all know that feeling of desperation: the family is hungry, you are tired, you look at full fridge thinking there is nothing to eat. Adré will help you re-set your feeling towards food, your kitchen and cooking.

Dedicated to helping you simplify the process of getting food on the table

In these one-on-one sessions, Adré, a classically trained chef and cook, will show you just how quick & easy it can be to prepare nutritious meals while you are juggling a work and life balance.

For the past three years, Adré has been teaching keen cooks how to prepare vibrant family food in her 1:1 sessions, on her Instagram page and in her workshops.

‘We are all busy. The aim of these private cooking sessions is to empower you with cooking knowledge and skills to prepare quick and easy family meals that everyone will love. Vibrant, full of flavour and nutritious food is what I love to cook, eat and teach’.

The value of a personalised one to one cooking session in your own home is priceless  – your time, your kitchen, your budget and your abilities.

Who will benefit from the private home sessions?

Everyone has a different interest in food. These private sessions are geared towards you and your family’s specific food needs. This might include:

  • Anyone wanting to learn or amp up their cooking skills.
  • Anyone wanting to learn to cook delicious family-friendly meals, especially when life is busy.
  • Any family trying to switch to a more plant-based or vegetarian way of eating.
  • A family with mixed food preferences including vegans, gluten-free and dairy free.
  • Any person wanting to expand their knowledge and meal ideas.

How does it work?

  • You book a time
  • I send you a basic questionnaire via email to give me some background
  • We have a follow-up conversation or email to discuss any specific needs
  • We decide on a menu
  • I come to your house for a 2.5 hours cooking session with you, teaching you as many tips as I can, while we cook together.
  • I share my immediate insights, knowledge, tips and shortcuts with you while we cook.

How much will it cost?

Cost is R1650

Cost includes:

  • 2.5 hour private cooking session
  • cost of ingredients
  • full recipes & notes
  • all the dishes made on the day will be yours
  • personal notes and recommendations
Kitchen Cleanse

Things to keep in mind:

  • Recipes will be plant-based and a good mix between vegan and vegetarian
  • Ideally the sessions are in your own home kitchen
  • I will show you how to cook three to four dishes
  • Majority of ingredients will be organic and seasonal
  • The session can be a family session
  • If you want to share this session with friends it is best to book a PRIVATE WORKSHOP session with me.

Let’s get started!