COOKING with VEGGIES (Morning Class)


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Need to introduce more veggies into your diet? Not sure how to cook different types of veggies? Bored with the basics?

Join me while I will show you how to make a quick, delicious, veggie dishes which you can enjoy with or without meat! Whether you’re an occasional meat-eater or a dedicated veggie, these beautiful and tasty dishes will become your midweek staples.

Date: FRIDAY 11-1:30pm 
Time: 11-1:30pm

This will be a basic start to vegetable cooking, no experience or knowledge in the kitchen is needed! You can expect vibrant, wholesome and full of flavour food.

In part 1 we will be cooking beautiful Seasonal Organic Veggies. Every week we will choose between 1 or 2 vegetables and show you how versatile these veggies can be. An example will be the very versatile cauliflower, by the end of the evening we will show you how you can transform the humble cauliflower into a vibrant soup, amazing salad, whole roasted as a main meal or made into a hummus to add as a snack.

By the end of the evening you will have the recipes, have had a taste and the confidence to cook these dishes.


10 in stock



I love my veggies! Let me inspire you through the wonderful and versatile world vegetables. We will choose between 2 and 3 vegetables each week and I will show you quick & simple recipes which will show of the versatility of vegetables. By the end of the evening you will have had the opportunity to taste, see and learn how to confidently cook the vegetables in many different ways.

Date: FRIDAY 12 April
Time: 11-1:30pm

Price recipes and tasters of all the food!

Course level: Basic


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