Organic Plant-Based Meal & Soup Box


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‘Convenience when life gets busy is a reality but I refuse to believe that it should be unhealthy’

A box with our best selling plant based whole foods. Every aspect of our food is handmade in small batches by me, and my fellow chefs Nsona and Gina. I only ever use natural & fresh ingredients and prefer to use organic while supporting small scale organic farmers.


100% natural handmade goodness


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Say hello to a bag full of handmade nourishment: 3 Soups & 3 Meals + 1 Deli Item

  • Thai Inspired Lentil Soup with Tomato & Coconut (500ml)
  • Persian Spiced Butternut & Sweet Potato Soup  (500ml)
  • Moroccan Harira with Chickpeas (500ml)
  • Traditional Cottage Pie with Roasted Sweet Potato Topping (500g)
  • Mushroom, Miso & Lentil Bolognese (500g)
  • Adre’s Daily Dal (500g)
  • Vegetable Stock Paste (125g)

* Delivered frozen 

Thai Spiced Lentil & Coconut Soup 

Delicious, nourishing and wholesome. I love the kiss of Thai flavours mixed with organic coconut milk and finished off with lots of greens.

(Italian tomatoes, lentils*, kale*, onions, spices*, ginger, garlic, homemade spice blend*, cardamom, fresh coriander*, homemade vegan stock*, coconut milk*, Himalayan salt & pepper*and extra virgin olive oil) *organic 

Persian Spiced Butternut & Sweet Potato Soup

One of my first soups I made nearly 6 years ago! Thick soup made with butternut and sweet potatoes gently simmered in warming spices. (No heat)

(butternut*, sweet potatoes , onions,, garlic, homemade vegan stock*, tomato paste*, spices*, tomatoes, Himalayan salt, pepper*and extra virgin olive oil) *organic

Moroccan Harira 

My hearty and warming rendition of a North African classic. Hearty vegetable soup, sweet spices and lots of flavour!

(sweet potatoes*, onions, carrots*, celery*, spices*, ginger, garlic, Italian Tomatoes, chickpeas, lentils*, homemade sun dried tomato paste *, homemade vegan stock*, Himalayan salt and extra virgin olive oil)  *organic 

Traditional Lentil Cottage Pie with Roasted Sweet Potatoes 

Lots of vegetables and lentils are slowly simmered with vegetable stock, organic tamari and vegan locally made Worcester Sauce before topped with roasted sweet potato mash.

(onions, carrots*, celery*, garlic, lentils*, homemade tomato paste, peas, tamari soy sauce, Worcester sauce,  Himalayan salt & pepper*and extra virgin olive oil) *organic

Mushroom, Miso & Lentil Bolognese

Our vegan bolognese is rather special, over 2.5kg of mushrooms goes into each small batch of bolognese, the addition of umami rich organic miso ensures a bolognese that is full of flavour and super healthy too.

(onions, carrots*, celery*, mushrooms, tomatoes, fresh herbs*, miso*, tomato passata, garlic, lentils*, fresh parsley*, Himalayan salt, pepper* and extra virgin olive oil) *organic 

Adré’s Daily Dal

Something magical happens when you cook onions low & slow with some sweet spices and the holy trinity of ginger, chilli and tomatoes. My red lentil dal is perfect with some brown rice or smothered over a roasted sweet potato with some.

(onions, spices*, tomatoes, red lentils*, extra virgin coconut oil*/grapeseed oil and Himalayan salt) *organic

Vegetable Stock Paste 

A little jar packed full of organic vegetables, salt and miso to ensures a burst of flavour. Instant stock paste, simply mix one teaspoon of paste with 250ml water. I frequently use a teaspoon paste instead of salt to season my soups, stews and curries. Delicious.

(courgettes*, fresh tomatoes, lots of herbs, mushrooms*, onions*, celery*, carrots*, miso, sundried tomatoes*, homemade tomato paste*, dried porcini mushrooms , extra virgin olive oil* and Himalayan salt*)




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