Sourcing the best ingredients mean different things for different people, for me it means LOCAL where possible, always ETHICAL, mostly IN SEASON and preferably SUSTAINABLE. I prefer my food not only without chemicals but without unnecessary processes as well. Irradiation and pasturasation is just two unnecessary.



READ THE LABEL: You’ll want to get raw, unpasteurised and unsalted nuts, preferably with a local origin. Most nuts are pasteurised and all nuts where the country of origin is the USA has to be pasteurised by law. Read more about the controversial world of nuts here.

There  My favourite brand is BY NATURE as the company has a excellent sourcing policy and ALL there nuts and sees are unpasturised. see here on where to source. ETHICAL SOURCING

Companies I trust :

By Nature products are by far superior to any nut (or seed) I have tasted. I have met owner Peter personally at my local food club. We had a long chat and it was here that I discovered the controversy surrounding pasteurisation of nuts and seeds.

Where to buy:

Oranjezicht Good Food Club 

Vredehoek Slow Food Club 

Faithful to Nature