Wholesome, sustainable, extraordinary food

What began as a simple passion for real food and a desire to feed our children better has grown into Adre’s Kitchen. We loathe fussy and unnatural food and we strive to create food that tastes fantastic but so happens to be good for you too. Our team are passionate about ingredients and we are constantly tweaking, testing and developing recipes, it’s fair to say we are obsessed with food.

Meet the Team…

Adres Kitchen

Head Chef and Founder – Adré King

After moving back from the UK after 15 years and recently trained as a chef at Leith London I was eager to start my own business. I was shocked to see how unhealthy ‘Ready-Made Meals’ were in Cape Town.(I still can’t believe it). I was short on time (and minus a kitchen) but still wanted something (1) convenient (2) healthy (3) handmade but could not find it and SO Adre’s Kitchen was born!

My food… Mostly veggies – I love exciting food, bold flavours, colourful plates and interesting textures. To me, it’s all about the ingredients and the seasons.

Favourite soup… Persian spiced vegetable soup with toasted seeds and goat’s cheese feta

Why would you invite me for dinner…  I never turn up empty handed and I wash dishes

Five ingredients in your trolley… burrata, basil, olives, good Parmesan and sourdough (does olive oil count?)

Claim to fame… Very extensive cookbook library and a shameless ceramic hoarder


Sous-Chef – Nsona

Originally from the Congo, after 6 years Nsona calls Cape Town home. Busy mom of two young children under the age of 6, Nsona is the calming force in our very busy kitchen. Oh and her claim to fame should be a mean Brunoise!

My food… I love spicy and well seasoned food

Favourite soup… a simple butternut soup

Why would you invite me for dinner… I love a good discussion around the table with some good food

Five ingredients in your trolley…. beef, mushroom, carrot, spinach and avocado

Claim to fame… LOL apparently my brunoise!


Junior Chef – Gina

Gina is the youngest and newest member in our kitchen. Originally from the DRC, Gina is a fully qualified nurse who decided on a career change, we are so happy to have Gina in the kitchen.

My food… I love cake! Any cake! But if you have to twist my arm – chocolate cake.

Favourite soup… sweet potato and coconut soup

Why would you invite me for dinner… food excites me and I love eating so much that I will inspire you to eat with me!

Five ingredients in your trolley… chocolate, cake, flour, sugar, butter, eggs – to bake a cake

Claim to fame… a quick learner

Kitchen Go-Between – Ntombi

Ntombi has been with Adre’s Kitchen for quite some time now. Originally from the Eastern Cape and mother of 3, Ntombi is the star in our kitchen. She is the ultimate kitchen fairy and we are completely lost without her.

My food… I love baking, so it will have to be a chocolate cake or bread

Favourite soup… Any pumpkin soup

Why would you invite me for dinner… I love sharing my food with friends and members of my church

Five ingredients in your trolley… fresh yeast, flour, butter to bake some fresh bread or cake

Claim to fame… Ntombi takes such good care of our veggies and the best herb prep person in the kitchen