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Wholesome, sustainable, extraordinary food

What began as a simple passion for real food and a desire to feed our children better has grown into Adre’s Kitchen. We loathe fussy and unnatural food and we strive to create food that tastes fantastic but so happens to be good for you too. Our team are passionate about ingredients and we are constantly tweaking, testing and developing recipes, it’s fair to say we are obsessed with food.

Meet the Team…

Adres Kitchen

Head Chef and Founder – Adré King

Fresh from the UK and busy mom of two, Adré, understands first hand the art of juggling work, life and family.

My food… I love exciting food, bold flavours, colourful plates and interesting textures.

Favourite soup… Persian Spiced Vegetable Soup with Toasted Seeds and Goat’s Cheese Feta

Why would we invite me for dinner… ‘Afrikaners is Plesierig’ I never turn up empty handed and I wash dishes

Five Ingredients in your trolley… Burrata, Basil, Olives, Good Parmesan and Sourdough (does olive oil count?)

Claim to Fame… Very extensive cookbook library and a shameless ceramic hoarder


Sous-Chef – Nsona

Originally from the Congo, after 6 years Nsona calls Cape Town home. Busy mom of two young children under the age of 6, Nsona is the calming force in our very busy kitchen. Oh and her claim to fame should be a mean Brunoise!

My food… I love spicy and well seasoned food

Favourite soup… a Simple Butternut Soup

Why would we invite me for dinner… I love a good discussion around the table with some good food

Five Ingredients in your trolley…. Beef, Mushroom, Carrot, Spinach and Avocado

Claim to Fame… LOL apparently my brunoise!


Chief Logistics – Abdul

Jack of all trade, Abdul keeps the clock ticking at AK HQ.

My food… ‘Soul Food’

Favourite soup… Butternut Soup with Coconut Sambal

Why would we invite me for dinner… cos I njoy food and good company

Five Ingredients in your trolley… Chicken, Pineapples, Lentils, Yogurt and Almonds

Claim to Fame… Body double for Denzel Washington in ‘SAFE HOUSE’


We are Off now. Oops! Orders are closed for this week, online shopping opens again on Monday.

We are Off now.