Welcome to the magic of good-for-you food

Adré is a passionate whole foods chef who strongly believe that cooking food from scratch will change your life. These three-hour, cooking demonstration, hosted by Adré, will give you ample inspiration and motivation to start spending time in your kitchen in a friendly atmosphere.

Each workshop will be jam packed with information, tips and lots of tasters to get you motivated to start your journey with food in the company of like minded people ready to make a change.

The workshops are interactive, informative and energetic,  get ready to be inspired with the wonders of natural food.

Private Workshops: Arrange for 6 friends to meet in my kitchen for a special evening. Email me adre@adreskitchen.com 

Private One to One Cooking: Lets cook together in my kitchen for an inspiring morning. Email me adre@adreskitchen.com

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