Thought I would just give you a quick update upon my return to the kitchen this week.

Some of you might know that I took some personal time off from Adre’s Kitchen to reflect where I would like the company to go.

We were growing at a very fast pace and we got to the stage where I was a manager and one chef short in our kitchen, we needed to either scale down or expand and recruit. I am very thankful for the support and the growth but producing large quantities of food on a commercial scale was never my intention.

I have to be in the kitchen! I am passionate about cooking and growth would mean less time in the kitchen and more time managing etc etc (which I was doing anyway). At the end of the day, I want to produce handmade food in a kitchen in small quantities using the best produce. I don’t want to eat food produced in a factory by machines.

The ethos of Adre’s Kitchen has always been an extension of my own kitchen and the way I cook and eat by using the same produce and products as I do at home.

Given the handmade nature of my food, I knew that my food will never be a commercial product which can be produced on a commercial scale, I feel this is the beauty of our food and I don’t want this to ever change.

Personally, I am, as you are all aware, a little bit obsessed with fresh organic veggies and sourcing the best ingredients, again I feel both kitchens should reflect this. I would therefore like to focus on my plant based range by incorporating as much organic produce as possible.

I will therefore not be cooking any meat products anymore. Meat is complicated, it’s expensive and to produce a viable product with the best, most ethically sourced meat I can find, combined with organic produce, near enough impossible.

What we will be focusing on is cooking ORGANIC 100% PLANT BASED FOOD incorporating organic produce and the best sourced individual ingredients. By now you know my food, I love vibrant, interesting and colourful good for you food.

The world of organic produce is a bit inconsistent and it therefore make sense to freeze our food. Freezing our meals and soups means flexibility in terms of when we cook them and also when we deliver them. Freezing our meals on the day we make them ensures nutrition is locked in and flexibility in terms of when our organic produce is delivered.

I have decided to narrow our range down in order for me to absolutely source the best ingredients, which will hopefully be mostly organic. I am intending to start small with our classics and then build on this.

I can’t wait to get back into the kitchen and cook!